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Day 36


The reigning monarch of England is entitled to continuous protection in her royal residences by two contingents of soldiers. The daily changing of the Queen’s Guard is a symbolic reminder of the high worth placed upon the life of the sovereign.

The Queen depends on regiments of highly trained soldiers for physical protection. Christ-followers also must learn to trust in God’s truth to guard them from the dangers of sin. Believing God is having a firm conviction of future promises despite present circumstances or distressed emotions. Such faith believes that God is Who He says He  is and will reward those who earnestly seek Him. Belief issues forth in obedience, trusting in God to accomplish His spoken word.

How do we grow in greater faith? We intentionally spend time with God, cultivating His friendship.We listen to His words and pour out our hearts to Him. Knowing God deepens our trust in Him. His unconditional love anchors us in the testing of our faith.

David had been told by God that he would be king over Israel. For many years that promise looked like an impossible reality. He lived as a fugitive, running from a jealous king who sought to kill him. Yet David refused to succumb to unbelief while his faith was being tested. He was protected from the lies of Satan as he clung to the love and truth of God.  His heart cried out to God in Psalm 27: 13,14:

“What would have become of me had I not believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait, hope for and expect the Lord.”

God rewarded David’s faith, preserving his life until the time came to fulfill His spoken promises.

Have you been living in unbelief? Perhaps your mind needs a “changing of the guard.” It is time for Satan’s lies to be evicted. You are a royal child of the King. Your life has become His royal residence. You are entitled to be safely guarded by faith in God’s Word and the power of His Holy Spirit.