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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Day 20

Stone buildings of great architectural renown are built upon a chief cornerstone. A cornerstone is the first stone to beView full post »

Day 19

A vital component of any fruit-bearing plant is its root system. Roots absorb water and nutrients in order to ensureView full post »

Day 18

Springtime is the season of awakening life. From the grey and death of winter, profusions of budding blossoms begin toView full post »

Day 17

“Not good enough.” For many of us these words have been our constant companion, a heavy weight, an unfortunateView full post »

Day 16

In his early years as king of Israel, Solomon truly depended upon God. The responsibility of leading the nationView full post »

Day 15

There’s a disease spreading rampantly, one infecting the mind, emotions and will of many believers. The symptomsView full post »

Day 14

Through the years women have expressed to us their desire for more. Not more money or even more time. They want to doView full post »

Day 13

Rights. As citizens of the United States of America, we have them. Our society functions best when we respect the rightsView full post »

Day 12

Flowers displayed in a cut glass crystal vase beautify any space. Cuts are made in a surface of glass by artisansView full post »

Day 11

He is risen! These extraordinary words were spoken to the women who had come to Jesus’ empty tomb after His deathView full post »

Day 10

It is a majestic sight to drive along a street lined with live oak trees. The mature branches, draped in Spanish moss,View full post »

Day 9

All roads lead to fixed destinations. At some point we have all found ourselves on the wrong road heading away fromView full post »

Day 8

As we grow in our relationship with Christ, our lives begin to display a greater harmony between who God says we are andView full post »

Day 7

Regret. We’ve all experienced it. There were the times our choices were not what they should have been. There wereView full post »

Day 6

Before a multitude of people, Jesus presented a radical new teaching, now known as the Sermon on the Mount. He began byView full post »