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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Day 62

The most famous fictional superhero of all time is Superman. Originating from another planet, he possesses superhumanView full post »

Day 61

Most people love a good story. Combine drama, romance and suspense with a well-placed music score and many of us willView full post »

Day 60

Malnutrition is a prevalent and serious global impediment to healthy human development. Much of the world’s populationView full post »

Day 59

The woman at the cash register looked at my husband, as people have done his entire life, and said, “I know who yourView full post »

Day 58

A catastrophic avalanche struck the alpine village of Galtur, Austria in February of 1999. Thundering down theView full post »

Day 57

New terms such as data smog, infobesity, and infoxication have surfaced to describe the massive amounts of informationView full post »

Day 56

The Hubble Space telescope was launched into orbit by the space shuttle Discovery in 1990. Outside the distortion ofView full post »

Day 55

 Celebrations and parades broke out all across America in the early months of 1973 as Operation Homecoming brought 591View full post »

Day 54

The most sure-footed of all mountain animals is the hind. She is a beautiful creature, a female red deer who inhabitsView full post »

Day 53

Weather patterns can change quickly. Even with meteorological advancements such as the pulse-Doppler radar system, theView full post »

Day 52

Through the centuries, great teachers have played a significant role in maximizing the potential of their students. OneView full post »

Day 51

“God doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called.” The words above have stuck in my mind for many years. AtView full post »

Day 50

The glory of a full moon is resplendent in the night sky. Casting a radiant light, it is able to illuminate the darkestView full post »

Day 49

Certain modes of communication require specific frequencies and power to transmit information clearly. Tuned to aView full post »

Day 48

Shields were a vital weapon used by Roman soldiers as personal armor. Battle shields were constructed of leather: asView full post »