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Day 56


The Hubble Space telescope was launched into orbit by the space shuttle Discovery in 1990. Outside the distortion of earth’s atmosphere, this space-based technology is able to magnify objects in space with astounding clarity and greater accuracy than ground-based telescopes. The amazing images relayed back to earth have expanded our understanding of the vast universe and the wonder of its galaxies.

The Word of God is like the Hubble Space telescope for Christ-followers. God’s Word magnifies and reveals to us the infinitude and holiness of His Person. David invited us to do what we were created for in Psalm 34:3: “O magnify the Lord with me, And let us exalt His name together.” The psalmist is entreating us to reflect in our thoughts, speech and behaviors an accurate image of who God truly is. Our success as Christ-followers to display the greatness of God depends upon how accurately we see and know Jesus.

Like the astronauts who maintain and service the Hubble telescope, the Holy Spirit interprets and guides us into the truth of Christ’s words. His voice speaks life-giving words to us through the pages of Scripture. Holy Spirit power is activated in our lives as we yield our wills to Christ’s commandments.

Earth’s turbulent atmosphere distorts the clarity of distant galaxies when viewed through ground-based telescopes. In like manner, the turbulent temptations and trials of our lives seek to distort the true power and beauty of God which we were created to reflect. Although Job, a righteous man, believed God, he endured intense emotions of despair in the midst of terrible loss and suffering. But he chose to view his suffering through the lens of God’s clarifying telescope, His Word. Job was rewarded with a deeper, experiential vision of God and His sovereign goodness.

Will you trust God at all times, letting Him shine through you? The lights of stars and galaxies are brightly magnified through the Hubble telescope against the blackness of the universe. So it is with us. The beauty of Christ’s character is most brilliantly displayed as we magnify His name in the dark night of the soul.

I have heard of Thee by the hearing of the ear; but now my eye sees Thee

Job 42:5