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Day 88


Could you imagine inheriting a vast piece of property the size of a small country worth an incalculable fortune? Could you imagine the foolishness of deciding that it would be too inconvenient to do whatever was necessary to appropriate such an inheritance? Such was the case for the people of Israel upon entering the land of Canaan, the Promised Land that God had chosen to give them. Out of 30,000 square miles of fertile land, they chose to appropriate only 3,000. Fear of enemy inhabitants and a lack of obedient faith in God’s commandments forfeited much of their rich inheritance.

God has given the promise of a rich rest-land to each of His children. That rest-land for the Israelites was the promise of peace and victory over their enemies if they would listen to, believe, and obey God’s Words. But they often chose to act independently of God, refusing to receive His deliverance.

As part of God’s chosen people through faith in Christ, we are often no different from the foolish Israelites. The rest-land God has equipped us to inherit is victory over sin: holy conduct and character. The enemies we must conquer are defeated in the same manner as the Israelites’ enemies were: through obedient faith that triumphs over fear. Satan’s lies, fears, temptations, prideful independence and self-seeking are conquered by believing and obeying God’s Word’s. We, unlike the Israelites, have the additional help and hope of victory because of the indwelling Holy Spirit who guides us.

Too often, our words of faith are invalidated by our actions. Instead of clinging to Jesus in every circumstance, no matter how difficult, and seeking His wisdom, we quickly follow our own independent ways, quenching the Spirit’s power.

God desires to enlarge the borders of your Promised Land – holy character that comes from victory over sin. Are you aligning your will in trusting obedience to God’s Word no matter what? As you do so, expecting God to work through impossible-looking situations, difficult people and battered emotions, He will! Your territory of godly influence will expand, deepening your joy and bringing glory to God.

“For we who have believed enter that rest, as He has said…”

Hebrews 4:3