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Day 22


Have you ever marveled at the sounds of songbirds? Their vocal cords are designed to produce diverse and elaborate melodies. Some large songbirds, like crows, lack a musical voice and communicate only with croaks and screeches that sound harsh to the human ear.

As children of God, our lives are to be a song of praise to Him. Sadly, a life lived devoid of constant communion with Jesus soon begins to emit discordant sounds. The cares and problems of this world produce worry. Rather than seeking God’s wisdom and power, we try to fix our problems in our own strength. Failed attempts at self-help often result in complaining, frustration and lashing out at others, like a screeching crow.

What is the secret to producing a beautiful song from our lives? We come to our heavenly Father, the Song Giver through Jesus Christ, our Chorus Master. We humbly submit to His Spirit and Word, allowing Him to train us in all of His ways. Using our voices to sing His melodies wherever He places us will produce joyful sounds that reverberate into eternity.

Will you come to Jesus and receive the melodic notes of joyful praise He longs to develop in you? The troubles of this world threaten to shut down your praises. As you cultivate a reverential fear of God, recognizing Him as your only hope and safety in the storms of life, He will keep you safe. Your life will become a song of praise, even in the darkest night.

“And He has put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many shall see and fear and put their trust and confident reliance in the Lord.”

Psalm 40:3