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Day 2

Meadowlark (2)

I’m not sure if he is the same he that was here last year, but regardless, he is back and he’s driving me as crazy as he did last year. He’s a meadowlark. I’ve named him Relentless because that’s exactly what he is.

He keeps flying into our large kitchen window.  Launching from the deck railing just a few feet away, he takes flight over and over again, Fly – crash – fly – crash…  You’d think he’d grasp the futility of his actions, but he won’t give up, because he’s Relentless. 

He’s not trying to get into the house. His reflection has become the object of his affection. Are you tracking with me? He believes he is seeing a “she.” But he’s completely deceived.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, to be relentless is to be unyielding and persistent. It’s to show no signs of slackening in one’s purpose. Every person is pursued by two relentless voices:

  1. Satan – who constantly speaks lies to you.
  2. God – who constantly speaks to you in love and truth.

These are two universal truths. Their implications are as far-reaching as life and death, and yet conceptually they’re not complicated. Moment by moment, throughout every day, we are thinking on and believing either truth or lies. Truth sets us free and gives life. Lies put us in bondage and bring death. Period! The source of truth is God’s Word. As we read and meditate on His Word we will be able to discern His voice. God’s words are always consistent with His Word.

When we believe a lie, we think and act in accordance with that lie — all while being deceived. Like the bird at my window, the crazy thing about being deceived is that we don’t know we are deceived. The greatest deception may be the times we think we are believing God, but in reality we are listening to and believing Satan. Jesus cautioned us in Matthew 24:4: “Watch out that no one deceives you.”  It’s a very real danger.

What are you thinking right now?

What will you choose to think on throughout this day – truth or lies? How?

 Let the truth of God speak to you today:                                                                                                                                                 “This is My Son, My Chosen One – My Beloved; listen to and yield to and obey Him!”  (Luke 9:35)