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Day 84


Clear skies can be quickly overshadowed by the gathering of dark rain clouds. Sometimes the clouds unleash a gentle and short-lived rain. At other times it is torrential and relentless. But without the temporary gloom of clouds and rain, lush landscapes would wither and die.

So too, the fragrant fruit of godly faith cannot be developed without clouds that bring rainstorms upon our souls. When sudden difficulties come upon us, we choose to believe God’s promise of keeping us securely in His steadfast love as we patiently receive the rains that He allows. When we feel deluged and enveloped in heartache, fear, and trouble, we cling to God’s Word, depending on the Holy Spirit to obey it despite our distressed emotions. God will use our circumstances, even the darkest ones, for His good and glory. As we seek Him in confident dependence, He will grow us in deeper faith and godly character.

How do we persevere with confident hope in the gloom of clouds? Know that clouds are most frequently associated with God’s presence in the Bible. He revealed Himself and spoke to Moses from within a thick cloud. God’s presence was in a pillar of cloud by day that led the Israelites on their journey to the Promised Land. Three disciples were overshadowed by a cloud at the transfiguration of Jesus. Filled with fright as they entered into it, God’s voice spoke from the cloud, revealing the mighty presence of Jesus.

As He was with those men, God is always with us in our clouds. He speaks to us, His beloved children, as he did to them, assuring us of His love, power, and faithfulness to accomplish all that concerns us.

What clouds are presently overshadowing you? What do you see in your clouds? Look beyond the darkness and see only Jesus. Invite Him with an expectant heart of praise to work deeper faith in you through your storm. The sunshine of God’s love will soon flood your soul, dispelling clouds of fear and doubt.

There came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is My Son, My Chosen One; listen to and yield to and obey Him!

Luke 9:35