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Day 72

godsgoodness-day72The sun in its brilliance, shining stars, and majestic mountain peaks are spectacular and constant reminders of God’s glory. Everything in the universe has been created to reflect the abundant goodness and breathtaking beauty of our Creator. Whether singing birds, budding flowers, or human friendship, all attest to a loving and wondrous God.

Made in God’s image, the reflection of His glory was dimmed in Adam and Eve when they chose to believe a lie. The result of acting upon that lie was sin. Sin’s fallout is pain, sickness, suffering, selfishness, heartache, broken relationships and death. Our brokenness diminishes our ability to reflect the glory of God. Until Christ returns, this world is under the temporary dominion of Satan, the father of lies. However, despite the bleakness of this reality, the light and life of Jesus Christ reign presently upon the earth through His followers.

How is the kingdom of God’s light and love manifested through Christ-followers? The Holy Spirit came and indwelt us when we first believed the promise of Christ to save us. The Spirit is supplied in fuller measure, working holiness in us as we believe and obey Christ’s words.

The problem for most of us is that we do not open ourselves up to the mighty keeping power of God’s Spirit. When the winds of adversity blow upon us, we fail to believe God’s promises. We are not acquainted with His Words. Unbelief causes us to collapse in defeat. As a consequence, God’s glory is dimmed in us.

Jesus is called Faithful and True, the Word of God. As you draw near and believe His love for you, you will believe His Words. His love will strengthen you to walk according to truth, no matter how hard the storms of suffering beat against you.

No problem is too hard for God as you seek His wisdom and trust in His goodness. Will you shift your focus from your troubles back to God? Let His glory shine forth from you, whether you are walking in the brightness of noonday sun or the dark night of your soul.

“God… Who gives life to the dead and speaks of the non-existent things that He has promised as if they already existed.”

Romans 4:17