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Day 46


Magnificent Gothic cathedrals still stand as architectural wonders in parts of Europe. Noted for their soaring ceilings and light-filled spaces, they were designed to lift the soul’s gaze to heaven, inspiring a reverential awe of God in the hearts of worshippers. Arches, called buttresses, were mounted on cathedral walls, performing a vital weight-bearing role. They transferred the weight of the high walls and heavy stone roofs to solid pillars. They were an essential element of the cathedral’s structural integrity, and also enhanced the beauty of the building.

Christ-followers are to be continually built up by faith into the beauty and integrity of the Lord Jesus Christ. We, like a great cathedral, are buttressed, strongly supported and kept by the power of His Word as we obey it. As we come to Christ and walk according to His truth, we are kept free from the lies of Satan and sin. Clinging to truth builds the character of Christ more deeply into our thoughts and behaviors. Like the expansive heights of a cathedral ceiling, we learn to soar high above evil instead of falling into temptation. This is called holy transformation and it is God’s will for each of His children.

Through faith in Christ, we have become His magnificent holy temples, indwelt by His Holy Spirit. Are you being built up according to His Word, the blueprint for life and godliness? Is the holy life of Christ in you, through obedient faith, being revealed in your conduct and character? Are your actions and reactions causing others to yearn for and follow Jesus? God wants to buttress you, to carry the heavy weight of all that would seek to cause you to collapse in defeat. Come to Jesus; lay your sins and burdens at His feet. Like the magnificent cathedrals still standing through epochs of time, He will cause you to stand firmly, bearing the trials of life in His strength, love and beauty.

“To Him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before His glorious presence without fault and with great joy-“

Jude 24